Thursday, December 5, 2013

How Bad is Your Day?

Hi peeps :)

I don't know is it just me, or is anybody else have this problem especially in this Dec; easily irritated. Gosh, Idk what happened to me, even single little things that didn't come to my liking, I will get irritated or annoyed by it, then my day will be gloomy and all. Macam bad day lah kiranya.

It all started on 1st Dec, when I woke up that morning, not getting enough rest and sleep (as we got lecture ganti on that Saturday-yang-patutnya-cuti), which ended up got cancelled as soon as I arrived there sebab lecture hall kunci ( yes, i know like what the..? Just get us another hall lah) haha. And then, kena marah dengan pakcik taxi lah, pastu, sakit perut lah, and just when I thought the day won't go any worser, I lost my LE 10, dengan handbag tersangkut 2,3 kali. Haiyaaa. Hahahaha.

I thought, it's okay. It is just another bad day, and it will pass soon, just like others. But, there we go, it didn't stop there. Everyday ada sahaja yang tak kena. -____-"

Hahaha. Bila fikir balik, well, it's not that worse. I am just having my bad days. That's all. And it happens to everyone. As kalau nak bandingkan dengan orang kat Malaysia now. I read the news 2 hari lepas, where it rains heavily in Malaysia, and some places like Kemanan and Kuantan, having real bad flood---like reallly bad. People loss their home, their cars, their family members, well -- their everything. But, alhamdulillah, actions were taken, and many people are giving helps in terms of food, money, and everything they could for the unfortunate one, even at this very hour. May Allah bless you all.

So, my days compared to them? It's just a single dot on a blank white paper. So, no matter how bad your days are, there are many others bigger-badder-worser-harder-tougher days out there. Seize your days, look for something positive, and be grateful. Because time will pass.

p/s: my internet really being a bad ass here. Hoi menguji kesabaran!
p/s/s: A day or two of break would be useful
p/s/s/s: December supposedly my fav month. So, please?