Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hello :)

It is March 25th, and semalam Malaysian was devastated, no, beyond devastation, by the news that MH370 has ended its journey at Southern Indian Ocean. 17 days missing, and the search for the plane is still ongoing. 

I don't know what to say. But I know most people share the same feeling. Where everyone lost of words, apatah lagi families of the MH 350's crews and passengers. Also, semalam about 500+ penyokong IM here in Egypt dijatuhkan hukuman mati. 

I don't know whether the MH370 is really crashed. I dont know. But what I know everyone had done their best. That's all. For IM case, I don't want to talk much, because I think everyone knew what is going on. Ok enough of serious talking.

Tinggal 9 hari lagi for end round exam (Oncology Dept.) After this, we'll have our final semester, Parasite and Tropical. Habis je exam, which is on 26th June, I'll be going home for my 2 months electives at Hospital Umum Sarawak. And then will be coming back here in Egypt for my VIVA presentation and final exam, which will be ended by 24th Dec. And inshaAllah will graduate on Feb 2015. 

The journey nearing its end. Gosh. I have mixed feeling. Happy and nervous and sad and all the feelings in the world. Haha. Yes, of course I cant wait for my graduation, penat ok belajar 6 tahun di kala semua orang lain dah bekerja ada rumah semua. But, I am so nervous to start my work as a doctor. The responsibilities that comes with it.... I hope I can bear it. :) Wish for me and my friends, ok?

Okay lah, I'll write again later. So toodles! Take care ya XOXO

p/s: rindu baby and ezhan
p/s/s: we got whatsapp group 'Famili Rashie Abady' hihi
p/s/s/s : I really really want a kitten!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014