Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rotation Exam is Coming!

tomorrow, it's gonna be two weeks dah i'm here in Egypt for my fourth year.
guess what?
im having rotation exam this Monday.
which means 4 days left.
these are the things i have to cover.

wish me luck okay?
gotta speed upppppppppp zassss!!

p/s : elaun MARA belum masuk lagi, and i'm still surviving.
p/s/s: lama tak hapdet belog. blame this miserable 2 weeks.
p/s/s/s : icecream and harry potter :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back in Egypt

it has been too long since the last time i wrote here.
still busy, since i just started to attend class today.
and got too many to handle now.
so buckle up
4th year is here.

sometimes, i do think i don't belong to medicine.
but, let's not give up now

oh yes. i'll try to find time to update the belog.

p/s : gahhhhhhhhh -_-"