Sunday, October 9, 2011

Back in Egypt

it has been too long since the last time i wrote here.
still busy, since i just started to attend class today.
and got too many to handle now.
so buckle up
4th year is here.

sometimes, i do think i don't belong to medicine.
but, let's not give up now

oh yes. i'll try to find time to update the belog.

p/s : gahhhhhhhhh -_-"


shakey said...

4th year??
out of how many years??
anyway..chaiyokk... dont give up! :)

aunishbini said...

out of 6 years. bwahaha

shakey said...

sikit lagi..dh half way tu :)))
kuatkan smangt!!! ^__^

lisa azelan said...

best of luck kak auni :)