Friday, January 24, 2014

Beyond Imperfection

Today, I told him, how I love him. I thought I was great at explaining it. Kiranya ingat ayat dah touching terer accepting habis lah ni.

Me: Awak, you know what. I love you, beyond imperfection.
Him: Between us, I am the one who fall first. Who love first. Today, you may say you love me beyond everything, tomorrow you might say you don't love me anymore. But saya kenal diri saya, siapa yang saya nak, thus my feeling for you from awal lagi sampai sekarang, tak pernah berubah. I love you too.

There's no one can explain better than you :) 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

How To Free Yourself from Negative Thinking, Calm Voices in Your Head & Clear Your Mind from Bad Memories

I believe most of us have these 3 questions.

1. How to free yourself from negative thinking?
2. How to calm voices in your head?
3. How to clear your mind from bad memories?

I write these, from my point of view, experiences, reading, and watching. So, I thought it would be best if I shared it with you out there, because I know all of us, have or had this struggling, at least at one point of their life. And please, pardon my rojak language ;) And ofc, thanks to Mr Google yang menaja gambor-gambor berkaitan.

1. How to free yourself from negative thinking?

It is easy, we make it hard, but actually it is easy. Okay, mari kita bagi satu situasi. Contoh lah eh. Contoh. Kau bercakap dengan si A. Tengah syok bercakap ni, tetiba si A cakap something, yang at that point, kau rasa tercucuk kat hati kau, and kau fikir, 'Kenapa dia cakap camni? Aku ada cakap something salah ke?". Pastu that point, kau dah mula fikir lain and macam-macam. Mulalah fikir negatif. Haa so, part ni lah kita nak stop.

So, here what you have to do. Ask yourself, "Do I need to think about it? Does it need to be solved?". Or I will just relax and let it past. 

Here's the deal. Kau boleh lean into that feeling, and here is what gonna happen. You will feel that energy drawing you down into it, and you become it.

OR you can do this. The moment your mind dah nak start its chit-chat-merapu-menyimpang, your first reaction is you just have to relax, and lean away from that. Yes, you have the right to relax lean away. What you are doing is you are giving it a space, and you will learn over time, that is the smartest thing you ever did.. Why? Because you give a room for it to pass through. And it will pass through. And by time, it was just another honking like those cars yang tak henti-henti ponponpon macam kat Egypt ni. Hehe.

2. How to calm voices in your head?

You lie on bed, but you could not sleep, and hardly close your eyes, because there are these voices in your head that is so loud, with enormous speed, that you can't stop.

First thing you should imply is, your mind WOULD NOT STOP. When you ask yourself, "Why you can't stop your mind?", don't believe it, because you CAN'T STOP your mind. Oh man, hurt isn't it? Well, it's harsh truth. So what you CAN do, you can choose to take your attention away from thinking:

1. First, as you lie on bed, feel the energy inside your hand. In another words, feel the energy that your hands are there without touching anything.
2. After a while, most people can feel, slight tingling or numbness. Like an energy. And that's enormous step you had taken, because slowly, your thinking will be slowed down. Because it no longer has your whole attention. 
3. Then, incooperate your whole body by sense your legs, your hands, arms etc.

Now, you must be asking, alaa susah susah buat camtu, asal tak fikir je pasal benda lain ke? Haa here comes why. It doesn't has ANCHOR for the present. Your mind has such momentum that you can't stop. So, these simple 3 steps act as an ANCHOR to the present. Your own-self inner body. You might even stop completely for a while. The amazing thing is, what before is an unpleasant dreadful sleepless night, within few minute can actually transform into a feeling of lightness. You'll feel this moment; "Ahh..I have slowed down"

3. How to clear your mind from bad memories?

Can you clear your mind from bad memories? Well, not as such, but you can recognize that bad memories are thoughts that arising in your mind. And when you recognize it, you don't need to identify with the thoughts any longer. It already happened. So memories, again, are ONLY THOUGHTS that arises from your mind. When you only believe that it is real, then they have power over you. But when you realize, it is just another thought, and you'll find space, a space that has relationship with thought, then this thought has no longer has its inert grip. Faham tak? Kiranya, when you realize it is just another thought, you akan jumpa this one little space, which separate it from reality. 

Another aspect is which has something to do with guilt, something one did to someone or something they failed to do, or should have done. When this arises, get this, no human being can act beyond the level of his awareness. Who you were then, at that time you acted like that awareness was not there, to act differently. Now, awareness is there, and that awareness is who you truly are.

Well, these are 3 hows that I am sure everybody ever ask her/himself. It just a sharing, and if it helps you, alhamdulillah :) Cheers!

p/s: yeay it's weekend!
p/s/s: lapar tapi malas nak makan wakaka

Dua Kosong Satu Empat

Thank you 2013 for being a really great year for me. Yes, it truly was :) So much laughter and happiness, that I couldn't thank Allah enough for all of these blessing; my family, beloved one, friends, well, simply everything. Please don't take these away from me, and grant me and people I love more happiness. Dan semoga segala urusan kita 2014 ini dipermudahkan.

Aminnn :)

Happy New Year;
Auni Shbini

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