Monday, May 6, 2013

Coventry & Birmingham, England Trip! (Day 5)


Ha baca je tajuk post ini, maka tahulah anda bahawa saya mendapat wake-up call untuk menyambung cerita tentang winter trip saya 4 bulan yang lepas. Hahaha! Okay, untuk entries for day 1-4, sila rujuk di laman kanan saya, ade perkataan TRAVELOG kat situ, tada there's the list! :) Tanpa membuang masa, let's continue!

On the way to Coventry, our trip which supposedly only takes 2 hours become 4 hours because unfortunately the bus got some problem with leaking toilets something like that. But the bus driver calmed us down with his funny and joyous announcement! Haha the tone and everything, was like, succeeded in put up a smile :) (if anyone ever going in a trip with British buses, they know) We stranded there for almost an hour or so, in freaking cold weather! Kaki rasa macam numb gila gila T.T

Yeah, this is us at the 'crime scene'. Muka semua takde senyuman dah. Ketat!

So, arrived in Shida's place around 10pm like that, and didn't know that it was even colder in Coventry! Nasib baik with the hot and delicious Nasi Ayam that Shida and her housemates prepared really kinda soothed us. Hihi. Then, we hit the bed after hot shower, and that was one of the nyenyak-est sleep ever. Haha

1. Coventry Neighbourhood

I woke up to this beautiful snowy window just right beside me in Shida's bedroom. Can you imagine it? It was ahhhh-mazingly stunningly beautiful! Shida promised me to bring me to her university's garden lake, where we gonna feed the ducks! And along the way there, I took many pictures around the neighbourhood.  One word. MESMERIZING!

This is Shida, in front of her house :) 

2. The Warwick University's Lake

We bought some almost-expired bread at nearby store where they sold it for cheap, and brought it here, for ducks!

Oh before that, some photos of the university, proof that I've been there. Hehehe

 My photographer of the day. Jengjeng!

Found this along the way. Haha yeah, looks like someone is climbing that trunk. Clever.

 Just our luck! We got a swan in the lake!

3. Birmingham City

After finishing all the bread and had our Zuhur there, we then move to Birmingham! 

Couldn't rotate some photos, don't know why, but yang penting, you can see the details ( i.e price) :)

Sorry for the UNfocused pic. Yang penting you got the ideas, shopped 3 bags of chocolates. Adik-adik kat Malaysia, wait for it kayyy? :D

Had our dinner at Woktastic, yep, Sushi All-You-Can-Eat till you drop! Hahaha.

Duduk je kat meja, we were welcomed by the chef with this hot Miso Soup! Macam tau-tau je kitorang sejuk gila!

Just like what time do, it flies fast! A day out with Shida went too fast, and I hardly can get a grasp of reality of having meeting her and so in England. Well, thanks for the day, the rumah, makanan, and semualah! Next time we met, mesti time tu Shida dah kerja! Yes, it is her final year, and inshaAllah by July if I'm not mistaken, she will be graduated :) All the best in whatever you are doing my love. Till we meet again!

Oh btw, in case you wonder where are my three others gang? Hahaha well, they are not with me in Birmingham as they headed somewhere else, and we met back that night too in London to continue our trip. Stay tuned for next entry. It's getting more exciting, I PROMISE YOU THIS! Just some clues, "shopping and picture with artists". Hehehehe see ya guys!

p/s: Alhamdulillah, PRU 13 is done. Tired enough seeing people bickering at each other in twitter, FB, and all.
p/s/s: can't wait for summer. Mi kolok and burger bakar, and laicikang, and char kueyteow! Aaa
p/s/s/s: Can't believe it is really happening though not confirmed yet. But may Allah eases anyway :)


Arham Md Ali said...

Aku nak musim sejuk balik dow :(

aunishbini said...

Panas gila ni. Malam malam kadang2 berpeluh tau tidur :(

Lela Majnun said...

bestnyaaa dah lama xmaen salji

aunishbini said...

@Lela Majnun,
Lagi-lagi dengan cuaca panas sekarang. Teringat salji :(