Friday, May 10, 2013


Izinkan saya berceloteh hehe.

Banyak jenis pengalaman yang kita semua ada. Ada pengalaman yang manis, yang tak manis, yang kita nak ingat, yang kita nak ulang, yang kita nak lupa, dan yang kita benci. 

Pengalaman mematangkan kita. Nak taknak, I am sure all of you agree with this statement. Bak kata pepatah, "Experience is the best teacher". Kalau kita tak ada pengalaman, kita tak tahu. I would like to highlight one thing here. Knowing and experiencing it is two different things. Knowing something when you hear/read it from somewhere is not the same as experiencing it. Never the same. No.

Of course, I, like everyone else (surely), have some experiences I would like to erase. I would like them to not ever exist. Because they hurt so much that it feels like killing me softly. To feel the pain when I think of it, and slowly tears running like hell, and feels like the world crumble to pieces, is just too much to bear.

But, look at the bright side. This bad experience actually taught me something in my life. And I don't deny that this thing also affect my principle of life. Thus, building and shaping me to be who I am today. And after all the hurdles, I come out stronger. There's a point where I can't believe I can pass all of it, alive. Yeah, that's how hard they are.

Not only it helps me, but also it helps those who are experiencing it. It is one of the best feeling you know, when you can share your experiences, and then helping others to get pass through it too. Letting them know that this will pass, and they are not alone. 

So does the good experiences. Sweet memories, sweet things, sweet conversations, all these kinds of things let me know that good things happen in life. Thus, every time I have this kind of experience, I indulge it and live in the moment. Good experiences injected me hopes and dreams. And they fuel me, to keep living. To keep breathing. And to keep smiling.

Whenever I feel down to earth, good experiences sometimes does killing me too. Yeah, knowing it won't happen again, knowing it won't last, does feels like putting my feet on pieces of broken glasses. I wont argue that women are complicated, because I sometimes couldn't understand myself too. Hehe.

This post is so random. I know. I write it without deleting any of my words. I just let whatever in my mind about this topic typed in this post. So you might found it's kinda simpang siur. Haha. And pardon my rojak language. Night! :)

p/s: get well soon!
p/s/s: green tea is my addiction right now.
p/s/s/s: May darling, be nice please.

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