Saturday, May 25, 2013


Yes, literally blackout. As in no electricity.

Alhamdulillah, semalam and harini takda blackout. But fyi, it has been a week setiap hari akan blackout.  Bebudak kat timeline Twitter sampaikan countdown tunggu blackout. Hahaha. Why?

This article will explains to you why. Just click: Egypt eyes rising electricity prices as cure for summer power cuts.

Okay, perhaps you too lazy to click it, let me quote the important things:

"Egypt is expected to experience numerous power cuts this summer due to ongoing shortages of fuel, including natural gas and the low-quality diesel fuel mazut.

Over recent weeks, several news reports have claimed that Egyptians might see blackouts twice a day due to a Ministry of Electricity plan to conserve electricity during the hottest months from May to August."

1st, cutting off twice per day? 2nd, until August? Thanks God I will be out from here this June ( of course I'll be coming back in September, but at least not here for 3 hot months)

And 3rd, blackout during summer? That spells torture. Sekarang pun baru bulan May but dah 40'C uolss. Panas bak hang. Dalam bilik pun rasa macam kena panggang (okay tu metafora je tau). Being here in Egypt for almost 5 years doesn't make me immune to summer. Haha. Can't the goverment find another alternatives rather than cutting off? I mean, lagi banyak pros from cons ke from cutting it? 

Anyway, my end round exam is on this Monday. So pray for me and friends will you? :)

p/s: Alhamdulillah. Happy news! One more to go. May Allah eases.
p/s/s: dermato/andro, let's do this!
p/s/s/s: rindu lah kat adik-adik. Sabar, tak sampai sebulan lagi nak balik. Yay!

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