Sunday, May 26, 2013


Masa, tolong cepat berlalu please?

Tak sabar nak naik flight bawak beg penuh dengan barang untuk family. Tak sabar nak lambai padang pasir dan tatap pokok hijau merata. Tak sabar nak jejak kaki di KLIA tunggu flight seterusnya ke Sarawak. Tak sabar nak tunggu bapak datang ambik kat airport Kuching sambil pegang troli penuh berbeg-beg. Tak sabar nak salam cium peluk bapak emak adik-adik semua. Tak sabar nak sampai rumah and adik-adik semua tunggu keliling beg. Tak sabar nak tengok muka semua bila masing-masing dapat hadiah. Tak sabar nak gomol adik-adik sampai dorang nangis. Tak sabar nak baring atas katil sendiri. Tak sabar nak bergosip dengan adik dalam bilik. Tak sabar nak bangun esok paginya, and realize, I'm finally breathing Malaysia's air. 

Tolong cepatkan jam!

p/s: selalu dah dekat dekat nak balik, mesti rasa homesick cenggini. hm.
p/s/s: let's!
p/s/s/s: Already found thesis's title. Have to submit tomorrow :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Yes, literally blackout. As in no electricity.

Alhamdulillah, semalam and harini takda blackout. But fyi, it has been a week setiap hari akan blackout.  Bebudak kat timeline Twitter sampaikan countdown tunggu blackout. Hahaha. Why?

This article will explains to you why. Just click: Egypt eyes rising electricity prices as cure for summer power cuts.

Okay, perhaps you too lazy to click it, let me quote the important things:

"Egypt is expected to experience numerous power cuts this summer due to ongoing shortages of fuel, including natural gas and the low-quality diesel fuel mazut.

Over recent weeks, several news reports have claimed that Egyptians might see blackouts twice a day due to a Ministry of Electricity plan to conserve electricity during the hottest months from May to August."

1st, cutting off twice per day? 2nd, until August? Thanks God I will be out from here this June ( of course I'll be coming back in September, but at least not here for 3 hot months)

And 3rd, blackout during summer? That spells torture. Sekarang pun baru bulan May but dah 40'C uolss. Panas bak hang. Dalam bilik pun rasa macam kena panggang (okay tu metafora je tau). Being here in Egypt for almost 5 years doesn't make me immune to summer. Haha. Can't the goverment find another alternatives rather than cutting off? I mean, lagi banyak pros from cons ke from cutting it? 

Anyway, my end round exam is on this Monday. So pray for me and friends will you? :)

p/s: Alhamdulillah. Happy news! One more to go. May Allah eases.
p/s/s: dermato/andro, let's do this!
p/s/s/s: rindu lah kat adik-adik. Sabar, tak sampai sebulan lagi nak balik. Yay!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End of Dermatology/Andrology Round


Haaaa tadi skype dengan bapak. Dia tengah tidur. Sexy youu. Kahkah! :P Thank you bapak, walaupun tidur pun skype dengan along. hehehehe. 

Bapak tanya, belog ada update baru tak? Hehe. Takda pak, sebab dah lama gila takde idea nak tulis kat belog. Plus, lately ni asyik balik lambat je from kelas. Balik-balik je, terus bum! Kat atas katil. Kadang-kadang tertidur sampai Maghrib. Penat sebab panas. Serius! Sekarang ni kat sini panas mencecah 40'C! Mana taknya sampai kelas berpeluh, balik rumah pun berpeluh. Mak aih mak aih. Haha. Kaki pun dah sunburn. Part jari kaki tu putih, yang lain hitam ha. Hahahaha.

So, here's the update, Pak! 

Classes for Semester 10 is officially finished today! Yup, which means we are now entering Study Week period! 27th May will be my Derm/Andro End Round Exam, followed by final exam on 12,13,15th June. And yeahh babyy, 19th June balik Malaysia! 28 days to go! Dah start countdown dah. Hahaha. Can't wait for summer break!

So, dear all, please pray for me and my friends okay? Semoga semuanya okay and semuanya naik tahun 6, which will be our final year in medic school! Also, doakan untuk Mr. Muzamel which left with only his FYP, and then he'll be graduated this June. Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan! Amin!

Tips 101 : How to Not Fall Asleep In Class
*sekadar gambar hiasan*

p/s: semalam party pbl. kenyang gila. makin sihat lah nampaknya balik Malaysia ni. Haha
p/s/s: semoga segalanya dipermudah. Amin.. :)
p/s/s/s: tak sabar nya nak jumpa adik-adik!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Izinkan saya berceloteh hehe.

Banyak jenis pengalaman yang kita semua ada. Ada pengalaman yang manis, yang tak manis, yang kita nak ingat, yang kita nak ulang, yang kita nak lupa, dan yang kita benci. 

Pengalaman mematangkan kita. Nak taknak, I am sure all of you agree with this statement. Bak kata pepatah, "Experience is the best teacher". Kalau kita tak ada pengalaman, kita tak tahu. I would like to highlight one thing here. Knowing and experiencing it is two different things. Knowing something when you hear/read it from somewhere is not the same as experiencing it. Never the same. No.

Of course, I, like everyone else (surely), have some experiences I would like to erase. I would like them to not ever exist. Because they hurt so much that it feels like killing me softly. To feel the pain when I think of it, and slowly tears running like hell, and feels like the world crumble to pieces, is just too much to bear.

But, look at the bright side. This bad experience actually taught me something in my life. And I don't deny that this thing also affect my principle of life. Thus, building and shaping me to be who I am today. And after all the hurdles, I come out stronger. There's a point where I can't believe I can pass all of it, alive. Yeah, that's how hard they are.

Not only it helps me, but also it helps those who are experiencing it. It is one of the best feeling you know, when you can share your experiences, and then helping others to get pass through it too. Letting them know that this will pass, and they are not alone. 

So does the good experiences. Sweet memories, sweet things, sweet conversations, all these kinds of things let me know that good things happen in life. Thus, every time I have this kind of experience, I indulge it and live in the moment. Good experiences injected me hopes and dreams. And they fuel me, to keep living. To keep breathing. And to keep smiling.

Whenever I feel down to earth, good experiences sometimes does killing me too. Yeah, knowing it won't happen again, knowing it won't last, does feels like putting my feet on pieces of broken glasses. I wont argue that women are complicated, because I sometimes couldn't understand myself too. Hehe.

This post is so random. I know. I write it without deleting any of my words. I just let whatever in my mind about this topic typed in this post. So you might found it's kinda simpang siur. Haha. And pardon my rojak language. Night! :)

p/s: get well soon!
p/s/s: green tea is my addiction right now.
p/s/s/s: May darling, be nice please.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Coventry & Birmingham, England Trip! (Day 5)


Ha baca je tajuk post ini, maka tahulah anda bahawa saya mendapat wake-up call untuk menyambung cerita tentang winter trip saya 4 bulan yang lepas. Hahaha! Okay, untuk entries for day 1-4, sila rujuk di laman kanan saya, ade perkataan TRAVELOG kat situ, tada there's the list! :) Tanpa membuang masa, let's continue!

On the way to Coventry, our trip which supposedly only takes 2 hours become 4 hours because unfortunately the bus got some problem with leaking toilets something like that. But the bus driver calmed us down with his funny and joyous announcement! Haha the tone and everything, was like, succeeded in put up a smile :) (if anyone ever going in a trip with British buses, they know) We stranded there for almost an hour or so, in freaking cold weather! Kaki rasa macam numb gila gila T.T

Yeah, this is us at the 'crime scene'. Muka semua takde senyuman dah. Ketat!

So, arrived in Shida's place around 10pm like that, and didn't know that it was even colder in Coventry! Nasib baik with the hot and delicious Nasi Ayam that Shida and her housemates prepared really kinda soothed us. Hihi. Then, we hit the bed after hot shower, and that was one of the nyenyak-est sleep ever. Haha

1. Coventry Neighbourhood

I woke up to this beautiful snowy window just right beside me in Shida's bedroom. Can you imagine it? It was ahhhh-mazingly stunningly beautiful! Shida promised me to bring me to her university's garden lake, where we gonna feed the ducks! And along the way there, I took many pictures around the neighbourhood.  One word. MESMERIZING!

This is Shida, in front of her house :) 

2. The Warwick University's Lake

We bought some almost-expired bread at nearby store where they sold it for cheap, and brought it here, for ducks!

Oh before that, some photos of the university, proof that I've been there. Hehehe

 My photographer of the day. Jengjeng!

Found this along the way. Haha yeah, looks like someone is climbing that trunk. Clever.

 Just our luck! We got a swan in the lake!

3. Birmingham City

After finishing all the bread and had our Zuhur there, we then move to Birmingham! 

Couldn't rotate some photos, don't know why, but yang penting, you can see the details ( i.e price) :)

Sorry for the UNfocused pic. Yang penting you got the ideas, shopped 3 bags of chocolates. Adik-adik kat Malaysia, wait for it kayyy? :D

Had our dinner at Woktastic, yep, Sushi All-You-Can-Eat till you drop! Hahaha.

Duduk je kat meja, we were welcomed by the chef with this hot Miso Soup! Macam tau-tau je kitorang sejuk gila!

Just like what time do, it flies fast! A day out with Shida went too fast, and I hardly can get a grasp of reality of having meeting her and so in England. Well, thanks for the day, the rumah, makanan, and semualah! Next time we met, mesti time tu Shida dah kerja! Yes, it is her final year, and inshaAllah by July if I'm not mistaken, she will be graduated :) All the best in whatever you are doing my love. Till we meet again!

Oh btw, in case you wonder where are my three others gang? Hahaha well, they are not with me in Birmingham as they headed somewhere else, and we met back that night too in London to continue our trip. Stay tuned for next entry. It's getting more exciting, I PROMISE YOU THIS! Just some clues, "shopping and picture with artists". Hehehehe see ya guys!

p/s: Alhamdulillah, PRU 13 is done. Tired enough seeing people bickering at each other in twitter, FB, and all.
p/s/s: can't wait for summer. Mi kolok and burger bakar, and laicikang, and char kueyteow! Aaa
p/s/s/s: Can't believe it is really happening though not confirmed yet. But may Allah eases anyway :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello May!

Hello everyone!

How was your April? I hope it treated you well! So, just a short update. Nak menunjukkan yang saya masih bernyawa menjelang Mei 2013 ni, haha, makanya saya menulislah berpatah kata (sebab sepatah dua kata is too mainstream pffft). 

Sebab harini Hari Pekerja, so semua bercuti! And bolehlah dikatakan untuk celebrate ( sebenarnya sebab dua-dua teringin nak makan waffle), so saya dan Kak Samha gi try waffle kat Al-Dente, a restaurant nearby.  Not bad, but I would say Dr Waffle's waffles are far far farrr better! Hehe. But, it's okay, because I really had a great night out with her, my beautiful sis!

So, as you can see, muka memang happy manjang sebab kekenyangan gilaaaa. Yes, with awesome company, who wouldn't? Hehe btw dah alang-alang buat entry ni, nak wish happy belated birthday Kak Samha! Semoga cepat-cepat kahwin yeee. Hihihi. Love you to the max! :D See you again at next date.

Oh ya, my May started well! Tengahari tadi skype dengan family. Ahhhh best sangat-sangat! Rinduu sangat. Nak balik Malaysia cecepat! Adik-adik semua dah besar. Mak siap pesan 6 pasang kain cotton Egypt siap. Pfft. Lepastu, skype dengan family angkat yang tengah cuti-cuti kat Penang. Dorang pegi sana memang saja nak makan-makan. Ahhhh sedapnya! Cepatlah masa berlalu! Nak balik Malaysia! Hehehe

Untuk semua, selamat berbulan Mei! Semoga bulan ini lebih baik dari bulan yang lepas! Take care okayyy.

p/s: harini layan Grimm manjang. haha
p/s/s: mohon diri jangan gemuk. nak balik malaysia dah ni. Haha
p/s/s/s: i have faith in you! :)