Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday My Superman ♥

Dearest Mohd Muzamel,

The fact that I am not there, on this very special day, bringing you a cake, singing 'Happy Birthday' song with a wide smile in front of you, ask you to blow out the candles, and whisper to your ear, "happy birthday, awak", do make me sad. Plus the fact you are busy tonight with KULN at Muar, which when I called you to at 12am, I hardly hear what you say, making me even more sad. Yes, South China Sea does envy us. Haha. 

But, don't you worry. Because inshaAllah, when 'that' time has come, I will. :)

From the start until now, I never feel our relationship is a long distance one. Perhaps, it is because you never make it feel like one. You always there from the moment I opened 'the door' for you. Though sometimes, there are some issues, trust me, you are a kind of person yang so easy to bawa berbincang, and to talk to. And I have to admit, you are sooooooo good at detecting apa-apa yang tak kena with me. Marah ke sedih ke apa-apa lah. Though I said nothing. Sabar dengar cerita merepek saya, layan drama sebabak saya, semuanyalah! Haha. 

So here again the wishes, I wanna shout it out loud. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY SWEETHEARTTTT! :) May all happiness be with you! May all your dreams come true! Have a blast birthday! 
And sayang, thanks for being born into my life.

Love you,

Your doc ;)

p/s:  Alhamdulillah Ya Allah. For all of these :) Alhamdulillah.


Juice said...

Banyak lagi gambar saya yang macho kot. Hahaha. Thanx for the cake and wishes and i appreciate it so much :* bout the laut china tu, saya harap kerajaan Johor akan buat satu bridge from JB to Sarawak. Pftt. Takpe, masa panjang lagi and one day we'll celebrate it together. InsyaAllah :) thank you for being such a nice and wonderful person/gf to me. I love you doc!! Love, MMZ.

aunishbini said...

Nak guna gambar ni jugak :D

Haha. Jambatan? Nice gak camtu. Hahaha. Yup, we will inshaAllah. :') And hey, you are too to me. :*