Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hello Feb-ulous!

Hello February! And hello readers! Aicehhh.

Hahaha. Now I am having my winter break for a month. In Malaysia. Hehehe. The first week was sooooo busy, with two of my closest cousins got engaged today! Yesss, after kakaknya, adiknya pulak petang tu. Moga dipermudahkan urusan next step inshaAllah Mei/Jun ini, aminnn. Congratssss Kak As and Bang Miji! :D 

Okay, right now, I am actually in my room, with hidung sebelah tersumbat macam hape sebab selsema dah beberapa harini, grr. Nasib baik demam dah okay sikit. Esok plan teman dik Aisya beli barang nak balik SSP. Oh have I updated you about my lil sis? She is now studying in Sekolah Seri Puteri under Yayasan Sarawak. Apart from every newcomers issues, everything is well. Cepat cepat adapt dengan kehidupan asrama ye dik!

Alyaa still in UiTM, jarang balik rumah coz she's been busy with her classes and quizes. Ainaa busy with her SPM and her duty as Ketua Pengawas (where she always complain because she didn't even get to be annouced depan semua student as many don't know she is the KP haha). Eyan right now in Penang, having one week trip with his buddies. Eisham, Shahir, Ezhan, and Arisya are all enjoying their childhood moments. hahaha but semua tengah demam now ni, pls get well soon! Along taknak jangkit lagii. Haha. Bapak and emak are doing their best (they are indeed the best!) cari duit, kerja, uruskan rumah, etc. They are simply the best parents in the world!

Ok, I think that is all. As I only want to write some update so takdelah bersawang sangat blog ni. I promised I'll try my best to write more. Till then, take care everyone! :)

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