Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Officially 1 year!

You know, the power of Allah is so great. That we, human, never can imagine it.

That's how I met him a year ago. He is my bestfriend and superman ever since ;) Bad and good times, penat, marah, takut, tak puas hati, all that, we shared together. We are lacking somewhere, yet we completed each other - just like he said. And I agreed.

1 year is just a start, a good start. For more years and big things to come. Thanks Allah, for crossing our paths.

Happy 1st Anniversary Mohd Muzamel :)

And this is our story.



nabila azmi said...

bahagianyeee...moga sampai syurga amiin... cntikla video..mnrik2...lagu ape erk dlm video ni=)

lavenderlover said...

nice video & the sweet song realy matching up! =)

aunishbini said...

@Nabila, inshaAllah, amin. Thanks :) Lagu ni Icing by Charity Vance

@lavenderlover, thank you! :)