Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Mushroom Soup Story

I have this one sweet memory about mushroom soup. No, many actually, but with the same person. Everytime I had mushroom soup as my meal, I would think of her. 

Nadira Ahmad Termizi. She's my roommate, longkang-mate (TKC's dialect basically means your bed is opposite of the other one), and of course, my after-blackout-meal mate. And we always have this meal together : Mushroom Soup + Jacobs Cream Cracker. Usually she'll be the one that had these stuff, but I usually have mine too sometimes, and we always, ALWAYS share it.

Everynight, after the wardens and prefects on duty shouted "Light off!", we will go back to our bed, and talk for some time, until we made sure the line is clear. Then, she will go to her locker, of course together with me, hehe, we took out one pack of VONO instant mushroom soup (our fav!) and a pack of Jacobs Cream Crackers. I will be the one senyap-senyap pergi kat water cooler (ada air panas kat situ), and isi air dalam mug. Then, slowly, jalan balik masuk bilik with this sweet aroma of mushroom soup. Then, we gonna sit together in front of our lockers, on the carpet. With some dim light from the outside lamp's, we gonna talk and talk and talk while cecah biskut Jacobs tu dalam mushroom soup, sampai habis. Usually we talked about   our friends, teachers, gossip, boys, study (err...rarely :P). And bila dah habis, baru kitorang pergi tidur. That's our routine.

Ahhh, how I miss that moment. The warmth of mushroom soup instantly put a warmth in our friendship. Even till now. See, right now, I am literally eating mushroom soup, and out of random, I wrote on her Facebook wall, just to say I miss her. And she replied back with what I would say, pour so much warmth tonight on me: " Just what I needed ;')". And guess what Nazi, it's just what I needed too right now. 

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing right now, I hope you are doing just great. I wish our jodoh dipanjangkan, and one day kita akan jumpa lagi. Sebab masing-masing kat tempat jauh sangat. I am at Egypt, she's in Ireland. I am sure we will do. Love you and miss you, Nazi! :*

Hehehe, I took from your profile pic! 

p/s: Malaysia - 10 days more
p/s/s: more to cover. I can do this! :D
p/s/s/s: touched. always made time for me , no matter how busy he is :)

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