Sunday, June 19, 2011

My love for you is more than words can describe. Happy Father's Day!

Before pergi kelas pagi tadi, i tried to call my bapak, to wish him happy father's day, but he didn't pick up my call. so, i just sent him a message, wishing him happy father's day.

During the lecture, my phone beeped. One message received. As i expected, he replied my sms.
"Tq frm deep of my heart of father who always love,miss n will supporting u all of my life. D only sms frm u tht im waiting for to make my "father's day" perfect n meaningful.Tq my lovely daughter. Be yrself n stay focus.My soul is always beside of u. -bapak-".
Tanpa saya sedari, saya menangis. Masa lecture, tapi dapat cover. huhu. Yes, i cried. Having a father who always know what to say though i didn't say anything or tell him anything, is such a bless! I love you bapak, I love you.

Ayah saya macam orang lain jugak. Selalu bagi nasihat, selalu mengajar anak anaknya. Bagi saya, ayah saya tetap hero saya sampai bila bila. Masa saya sedih, masa saya gembira, he always there for me.

Dear my bapak, I have so many things to say, and to tell you. But then, my tongue froze, my mind went blank. I tried to find those sweet and fancy words, but seems like I can't find any. But now I realized, I don't need those sweet words, coz my love for you is more than words can describe. Thanks and sorry for everything,pak. I promise, I'm gonna be a daughter that you can be proud of. I LOVE YOU. i love you with all my heart. Along.

and also


you know along always love you so very the much! heee :D

*father's day and syahir's birthday celebration*

p/s : still tatau bila tarikh nak balik.
p/s/s: still belum packing barang walaupun dah nak kena pindah
p/s/s/s : Thanks Allah, I now realize mana kaca mana permata :)

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