Monday, June 27, 2011


It is already 12.36am here in Mansoura, Egypt. and here i am, baru balik from hospital pediatrics, ade projek amal "MAKE THEM SMILE PROJECT" <-- you guys can click here for more info about this project. We are now already in the end of 2nd phase, as tomorrow gonna be the opening for this 2nd phase : the playground. Oh yes, the 1st phase was the library by the way :) It is 100% by the students.

But, let's talk about this MTS Project for the next post. Hehe.

Today is our last day of classes of semester 6, 3rd Year. We had our makan makan party right after PBL session is finished. Start PBL je actually memang dah tade mood nak belajar ke, bentang ke ape, semua memang dah tak masuk otak. Mana tak nya, toleh je tepi, satu meja penuh dengan pelbagai makanan seakan memanggil manggil "auni...auni...auniiii" -____-". LOL.

Perut memang tak leh cakap lah konsert apa dia buat sepanjang PBL session tu. Nasib baik objectives ada 4 je. boleh cepat habis. Berlambak gila makanan, potluck katakan. Kitorang, me and Aina masak nasi ayam, and others like Munzir bawak egg sandwich (sedap munzir, pasni boleh kahwin), Dina bawak err mahsyi (?) i dont know how to spell it,and it is like stuffed rice rolled with grape's leaves, and also something like stuffed rice too, stuffed in intestine. my very first time.and it's not bad. hehe. And Jassim brought his very own recipe something like Cinnabon and something like biscuits with the caramel pudding I guess, but whatever it is, seriously Jassim, you should open a bakery! And others brought along some fruits, some comel comel little manisan, and banyak lagi. Fuhhh I AM SO FULL. seriously.

Oh yeah, today is also Mira's 21st birthday! Thus, we celebrate it sekali lah. What a partyyy! And everyone is enjoying ourselves to the max!

Here are some pics taken, but if you want to see more, click here -->; pbl2.3rdyear's party. This is Adilah's facebook album, I'm not sure if you can see 'em, but just try your luck then. hehe ;)

below is my PBL tutor, Dr Maha Maher ( the left one)

and here is the whole PBL 2 Semester 6 2011 (without the dr. )

*behind, from left : firdaus, alif, munzir, dina, me, aina, adilah, mira front, from left: nafis, syafiq, jassim, arham *

and that's the end of our class sessions. You guys are rawkss! Heee. we gonna have our surgery exam round this Thursday, so do pray for uss! and our final exam starting on 10th of July. Pleaseee pleasee pray for us, okay? ;)

p/s : lapar la pulak -__-" padahal tadi dah makan banyak
p/s/s : i love you this big - scotty american idol 10

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