Tuesday, November 22, 2011



Today went bad. Very bad. Why?

- I woke up early, with body aching everywhere, but still gagahkan hati going to class.
- I planned to wear this green blouse with grey warm tights with grey wintercoat, but then, I dont feel good. I changed my outfit like 3 times, and ended up with going to class at 9.13am, and sampai at 9.30am. Yeap, datang lambat half an hour. Gahh
- During seminar, I dont feel well. Feeling dizziness macam nak mencengkam kepala, then rasa nak muntah, batuk batuk. Plus, I didn't understand at all what the doctor said! *well luckily, not me alone who didn't. ngeh *. Then I asked for permission heading back home at 11.30am, and had my lunch at GMN to isi perut.
- Balik balik, I slept for >2 hours.

But, hey today is still not ended yet. We still have 6 hours and 15 minutes. Still got my PBL to be finished sebab nak present esok.

p/s: thanks. :)
p/s/s : i look forward for tomorrow

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