Saturday, May 19, 2012

Entering the 2nd 19th

If you are someone yang membaca my belog from the first post, I am sure you never gonna find, even one, about my love story. If ada pun, it's not something yang straight forward. Mesti hint-hint, yang maybe takde orang faham. Hehs.

Why? I have my own reason for that, but hey, you know what? Today's gonna be special case.

My reason is not gonna be my reason anymore. Because, I think, I found the person of my reason already; my Ir :)

See how things change? :) Yes, YOU are the reason why I'm no longer in this rule of mine.

May Allah protect this love of ours till jannah, insyaAllah.

 p/s: hopefully ticket flight dapat settle cepat. dah nak balik ni!
p/s/s: food feast yesterday was awhhh-some :)


Juice said...

agak kabur gambar instagram tu.. pfft

aunishbini said...

Sorrylahhhhh takde instagram -__-" pfft