Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To You-Know-Who-You-Are

Dear you-know-who-you-are,

Hey! How are you? How are you feeling now? Better? Well, I hope you are, at least dah kurang sikit! :) Actually I have a lot to tell you, but the BBM is sooooo kecik the space. Haha, and penat juga nak menaipnya. So lemme put all those words here.

Awak, love, is something I can't define. Seriously. So, that's why people sometimes love without knowing the reasons, but somehow, deep inside their heart, what they know is, they love this someone. So, before awak baca apa yang saya nak tulis ni, let me ingatkan awak lagi sekali, whatever it is, it is YOU yang akan lalui this as this is your life, no matter what people say to you. Okay?

So, you asked me, how did I managed to not turn back and getting stronger everyday? What did I do in trying to forget about it?

Awak, this, is not an easy work. It is hard. Eh wait, what the stronger word than hard eh? Harder? *kehkeh* No. It is TOUGH. Seriously. But whatever it is, the first thing you have to ask to yourself, the one answer you should find out is, in relationship, there will be times you will cry and hurt, so, is that person is the one you want to be with, until the end of your life, worth all your smiles and tears? ASK THIS TO YOURSELF. Yes, you. Not others. After that, then you know, what is the next step. 

If yes, then go for it. Fight for it. Never ever give up to find out the way. Jangan terlalu dibawa-bawa oleh emosi. This, must be based on your akal, istikharah, dan istisyarah. If you yakin, that person is the one for you, then, you know what to do :)

But if no, then here comes the TOUGH part. Moving on is not an easy task. Lagi-lagi, the first week. You know what I mean. And missing them is a part of it. But here, again, make sure you dah yakin and confirm about your decision. Because, once you decide, to go down on this path, there's no turning back. This, again, must be based on your akal, istikharah, dan istisyarah. How? Well, first, REMEMBER ALLAH. Yes, HIM. Put all your faith to Him. Maybe selama ni, ada masa kita lupa, but you know, this is somehow, is a sign from Him that Dia rindukan awak. Supaya awak selalu 'berjumpa' Dia. Believe in His plan. Dia sudah merancang yang terbaik untuk awak, untuk tiap-tiap manusia. Jadi, percaya pada-Nya! That's the first thing. Second one, remember, you have family and friends, who always, ALWAYS love you, no matter what! And third one, one door close, another one open. To not look back, tipulah tak akan sesekali, perhaps you will even cry macam nak gila, but be strong. Hang on. You will, one day, still look back, but that time, you'll smile because you know it did taught you something, and akan nampak hikmah why it happened, like me now. :)

I will not bebel panjang-panjang because I know, you will, one day, get through this. Just stop denying and be honest to yourself. Okay? Remember your family, your friends, and most importantly, you YOURSELF, the one you should love the most. I hope this somehow will ease you a little bit. 

By the way, whatever it is, you know you always have me. I might not be the closest to you, but somehow, we still breath the same 'air'. 

Take care and remember, you are stronger than you think. And again, whatever it is, it is YOU yang akan lalui this as this is your life, no matter what people say to you.

From a friend, to a friend ;

 p/s: Keep breathing and smile, okay? ;)


opin said...

selamat malam.
u,dr london ke manchester better naik ape?

aunishbini said...

naik bas pun okay je. murah. But if nak cepat skit, naik train pun ok :)