Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day and Advance Syahir's 6th Birthday


Hey there! Semalam bapak sent me a MMS, and ada text berbunyi "Father's Day yang awak lupa". -___-" I never forgot about it, pak. It's just semalam baru 16hb, hari ni yang 17hb iaitu hari bapak sedunia. Haha.

Well, tadi at roughly 2pm masa Egypt, and 8pm masa Malaysia, bapak Skyped me. THEY ARE HAVING CELEBRATION! Erghhh. Makan hebat! Ada udang tempura, tomyam special mak, ikan pindang, cakes, and banyak lagi! And I sat there, in front of my laptop, watching them eating those delicious food, makan Macaroni Goreng with telur mata je. JE! Oh mai. mengundang tak mengundang? After upacara tiup lilin kek ( Bapak's is the one with spiderman, while Syahir's the one with Shin Chan), sorang-sorang tunjuk depan laptop makanan dorang. Sabar je lah -___-".

Actually, Syahir's birthday is on 19th June, but since bapak is going to Limbang tomorrow for a week, so they celebrate it early. Well, ini first time celebrate secara langsung sama-sama. Distance is never an excuse, right? :)

So, here some snapshots. Yes, with whole family. I feel so blessed having them in my life. :') SANGAT. SANGAT.

To Eizlan Syahir Shbini;
Masa berlalu sangat cepat. It's been 4 years you are here, with us. Walaupun sometimes tu along ada cubit, tapi tu cubit sayang :P Walaupun along selalu marah, tu tanda sayang jugak :P Ye lah, takde orang nak kawan dengan orang jahat kan? Haaa. Hehe, everytime along call kat skype, awak mesti nak kereta control. Manalah along ada duit banyak tu. Haha -___-" Walaupun along takde duit nak beli, tapi please do remember this, I LOVE YOU. SO MUCH. Jangan nakal-nakal please. Kalau mandi, sabun badan tu betul-betul. Jangan main letak je sabun. Along tahu. And do smile and laugh always. I love them :) Happy 6th Birthday, Syahir. Muah!
Love, Along

To Bapak,
Thanks for loving me even before you saw me for the first time. Thanks for accepting me as who I am. Thanks for putting up with all my sulking, crying, mengada, marah-marah, semualah! Well, I am hard to handle :P  Thanks for never leaving me. For always behind me, to support. Beside me, to hold. And in front of me, to protect. Every time I feel my world is falling apart, you are there, wrapping me with your comfort arm and shed my tears. Even though we sometimes disagree over each other, you are always there every time I need you. You know I am sad though I laugh and smile. You know. You always know. You are my Prince Charming. You are my hero.
Happy Father's Day, Pak! You deserve all the happiness. Though one day I'll meet a guy and marry him, you always be my number one man! May Allah bless you.

Love, your little princess.

p/s: Tak sabar nak balik. Lagi 3 minggu! Hihi my adik did the counting!
p/s/s : too much to read. you can do it!
p/s/s/s : untunglah yang habis exam esok..
p/s/s/s/s : internet connection sangat 'laju'. nak tengok live stream EURO malam ni tak kesampaian.

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