Friday, December 3, 2010

my dear december

my dear december,

welcome home baby. i've been waiting for you like, a whole year! well you know why. coz you always give me a suprise. a good one- of course! :) i'm always looking forward for you since kecik kecik lagi. yeah, you know right? i remembered how when it comes to December,the first thing i ask my father is, "kite nak gi mana cuti ni?". HAHA. how patiently i wait for you, go through every minutes, hours, days, and months. with laugh and smile i enjoyed, and tears and pain i bear. and just like past years, i pray to you Allah, so that this year will be ended with epicness!!

my dear december,
october always killing me. i dont know why. but then november comes, try to calm me down. and here you come, in your own way, give me another strength, and give me a 180 degree turn from the bottom, u lift me up!

my dear december,
i love you. oh my, WHO CAN HATE YOU? :)

my dear december,
what do you have for me this year? haha. i know, you wont anwer me. you will say " wait. wait. and wait for it." - and yes, with your wink. HAHA. comel la awak ni december! rawrr! haha

my dear december,
thanks. thanks to ALLAH coz i still can have my eyes open when you are here. you've been missing me too, aren't you december? heheheeee. malu pulak! alololololo

my dear december,


miyoshu212 said...

december kt egypt ni mmg sejuk....arghh....!!

aunishbini said...

KAN???? burrrrr..but i love it! hehe well, guess i love everything about december ;)