Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get My Life

I got so much to tell you today, since hari ni I attended a majlis, Hari Asperiasi Seni SMK KOta Samarahan, sekolah bapak. But I am sorry. I am not in a good mood now. Why? Let me simplify it, I told my dad that I want to work as a part time, just like last year, i asked the same thing too. But then, the answer is still like last year too, "Sempatke? Nanti nak cuti susah, nak raya lagi". Well, i know, but then, how can i know benda tu susah ke sempat ke ape ke if tak try? Just please... Ergh. I don't know what to say. Hari tu mintak nak belikan oven, yeah with my own monet of course, so that at least I can bake if tak boleh pun nak kerja. And guess what, tu pun tak boleh..Itu tak boleh.Ini tak boleh. I got my own life too. Let me TRY to take care by myself. Just please..let me try.

I am not the kind of girl that will rebel or merengek until i get it. And this is just me! I am not the kind of daughter yang akan rebel apa decision parents, but yet, i hate this weak point of me, because I hardly get what I want.

Biarlah. Let's think positive :) Who said i am gonna give up? :) I will think of a way so that I can get my life. Ya Allah, jauhkanlah aku dari menjadi anak yang derhaka. Astaghfirullahalazim.. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

p/s : dahlah selsema ni! HISHHH!
p/s/s : have a safe trip home!
p/s/s/s : tak sukenyaaa selsemaa!

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