Friday, October 22, 2010


susah kita nak jumpa orang yang sayangkan kita betul-betul, kan? i want to give my all to someone who appreciate me and sayang saya dengan seikhlasnya. because i'll spend my whole life for him. and yes,i want to make sure it's not for the wrong one.

bagi aku masa.

p/s : perhaps by you letting me know why i should get back to you help me a little bit.
p/s/s : or maybe this is the way ALLAH wanna show me something...


Juice said...

cinta itu amat rumit. takkan berulang 2 kali. god bless u doc:)

aunishbini said...

betul betul. thanks ir ;) may Allah bless you too

munsif said...

Istikharah is the best way to decide if your decision (in all sorts of things) is the right one and is for the best.

and do remember that "true love" between a man and a woman will only transpire itself after the knot has been tied - after everything becomes permissible according to the Syariah.. until then, it will be hard for you to distinguish whether it's really "love" that you're feeling now or is it just something which is actually been driven by your desire..

just thought I would drop by and leave my 2 cents here.


aunishbini said...

hmmm...insyaAllah will do the istikharah..
thanks for giving me some advice.. :)