Tuesday, May 19, 2009

18 - i did it my way

tenet memeningkan
now tgh merehatkan diri after blaja axilla. jap gi masuk scapula
to tell u, i'm not that kind of always studying. like wake up fers thing is study, then, afternoon more studying, evening continue studying, night, again, study! can't live like that, seriously!
so, i just do it my way.i'm happy n i'm fine with it.

kesimpulan cite : every one got their own way of studying.

ow ye, tadi aku berjaye record due lagu : yuna's and liyana jasmay's. music horror but at least de la jugak bunyi die. haha

syira's comments;
yuna's = die xpenah dgr my voice sejiwang itu.. haha~ me too syira.
liyana's = funky! -agree!- ^_^

thing to do for today;
send passport to shaima (done!)
smgt gile anta. ye la.xnk jd cam dulu.visa da expired. byr 100 lebih. amek,padan muke!
dpt balik this sabtu. remind me,k?

p/s : mom n dad..love u..miss my adek2 sooo much! along nk sgt jumpe u all. esp ezhan..n thanks to timi yg amek flight from swk same with me though its a day earlier than flight balik egypt. xdela sorg2 kat klia SEHARIAN/SEMALAMAN..haih~


aphids said...

perghh...perdengarkan arr suare tuh, tgh cari penyanyi for new song...bole arr mengisi kekosongan...hahahha

aunishbini said...

@aphids, haha. bape byrn?