Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Abang, Good Luck Tau ! :)

Bang Yan dearest,

All the best for result SPM ni. Along sentiasa doakan abang, walaupun jauh.
Abang jangan risau, apa-apa pun yang abang dapat esok, along masih, tetap dan sentiasa bersama abang. Ok? You know along always be there for you, in every single tear and smile.
I know Allah always has the best plan for you. You know why? Coz you are my superb lil bro!
Heee~ -and yeah, coz I'm your awesome sister! hahaha ^_^
So, just have faith, bang. Dont you worry. I always pray for you every sec.
My dear abang, my friend, my gaduh-gaduh mate



aphids said...

all da best ye:)

aunishbini said...

dah dapat dah result die.
alhamdulillah~ :)