Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Answer Me

haha. well here another one ;) otak tengah nak berkreatif sekarang. nah ambik! haha! >.< btw, this is the 3rd time i made this kind of errr..poem? and why i choose love as the genre? well, because love is universal. and mysterious. and yet, complicated. it is full of berbunga bunga thingy, but then, it is poisonous. and i like every story behind them. that's why :) taknak cerita banyak. kang boleh buat satu lagi pulak. haha. oh btw,..ehem ehem

DAH HABIS EXAM, ALHAMDULILLAH!! YAHUUUU! Mari Bertawakal dan Mari Bercuti! :)

Answer Me

sometimes i wonder
what's wandering in my heart
it keeps asking me
so, answer me.

if it's love then tell me!
if it's nothing near than that then tell me!
i don't want to be trapped in this circle that has no end
where i keep going round and round
but nothing to be found and found

please stop asking me!
where sometimes it's there but sometime it's not
so,please stop making me this mess!
please please please
answer me.

if NO then hush this away
if YES so please show me the way
so either no or yes
just answer me.
or simply, reassure me.

p/s : jom tengok movieSSSSSSS!!!!
p/s/s : hmph.



selamat berlibur setelah exam:)
have fun there ya.
nice visiting here!

aunishbini said...

haha thanksss
cuti cuti cuti! >.<