Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Petbro

tajuk post macam tajuk karangan english UPSR -.-" tak boleh blahh.

ok. suddenly teringat akan this one guy. this guy is my petbro, er..i guess we still. camne jadi petbro? haha my kakak angkat kat sekolah dulu ha die nak adik-adik angkat die jadi adik beradik gak, so this guy is also her petbro. biaselah budak budak sekolah asrama, dok angkat mengangkat. this guy is ex-SDARian. haha.he's one year older eh two years? er..yeah 1 year kot. erk.see, i have a BAD memory. what i remember about him is mase nak sit for SPM, he came to my school, and gave me a penanda buku, and a small tiger keychain. and a surat bagi semangat! heh. and we went out once kat Jusco in Seremban 2. He bought me a Stabilo pencils, eraser, ruler, all those things la for SPM. i remember he said this, "My mum used to do this to me when i sit for my exam, and now i do this to you". well, simply, that's sweet. i gave him a basketball as his birthday present. sebab die basketballer.haha. tak tahulah die ade lagi ke tak benda tu. miahaha. And i remember also when i went to my friend's house in selangor, he went for PLKN at terengganu. after PLKN, he rushed to selangor to meet me, but UNFORTUNATELY, i went to perak that day. Tu la, lain kali bagitau awal awal. pfft. and last time we contact each other is when he went to Curtin University, sambung Geology under Petronas in 2008. Hmm. sekarang tak tahulah ape cite die. well, to my petbro, Zulhilmi Nasir, i hope you are fine wherever you are. and all the best in your future undertaking. Hey, i dah besar sekarang!! HAHA (dulu gune panggilan adik-abang, sekarang i-u. haha! adik durhaka.ngahaha)

p/s : cheerish every people in your life :)
p/s/s : ajar saye ajar saye :'(

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