Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love, Disappear at 2.40 in the morning

it's 2.40 something in the morning, where i came blank, and all this just popped out suddenly.
and thinking of making this into a song.
it only takes 5 minutes, and i wrote it behind MCQ's question paper. HAHAHA!

Love, Disappear

I know how time passed
and yet it still bleeds
and yet it still hurts

People say why stuck in the past
perhaps they don't know
how pain can crush

You begged, you asked for second chance
Gave it, with hope you wont be the same

But you break it again, again, again,and again,
and you just get panic when i nearly lost
don't you remember i'm the one you search for
the one you long for, the one you fall for
and still you tear me apart
i don't know what's gettin' over my head
in giving my heart and life to you
and i hate that i do love you

Dear God,
please make this love disappear
so i become stronger,
to just pass it over

how i wish i have that magic
love, disappear

p/s : sakit perut! :'(
p/s/s : craving for steak!


shakey said...

mak che..
wat elok2 exam..
smpat lagi tuleh lyrics??
superb btui cik awniey nie ^_^

aunishbini said...

time kasheyy shakeyy bebehh!
haha! tu bile dah ngekngok sikit, start la buat macam macam