Thursday, December 24, 2009

That Summer No More

deep down in my heart
i feel we become apart
if before was like summer
but now a sunshine is never

what did i do
u didn't say the truth
i know i am not the way you are
but that dont give a damn for who we are
this is what we behold
for so long as the sky can told
we are different many ways
but i shall say these are keeping us always.

but now as time clicking away
you have your own world
and i still stay
hoping for a tick will be cold
and to you i run
for answers to be found

i must say
i can never hate you for this
i have tried and i failed
though now we seems astray
because the song we played just like harmonist
and the lyrics so smooth we have laid.

If this is what you want
then i have to give it
but just one i want to remind
play safe in this ship
because you are my friend
and will always be.
when you have no one
i still stand here for you to seek.
because i know
true friends never apart
maybe in distance but not in heart

8.08pm GMT+2

p/s: mereka di rumah ada bbq dan bergumbira tanpa dirikuuu!! waaa! Nak bbq gak! Nak! Nakkk! :'(


Zan Zahidah said...

esok rumah saye ade bbq plak.haha.

aunishbini said...

ape ni??
sume orang mmg musim bbq ek skang?? haish. malaysiaaakuuuu berbarbequeee!

ezza fauziana said...

huhuhu..bbq xjadi..

aunishbini said...

nasib bait xjadi. mun x, hahaha~ ngee